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We are a paranormal research and investigating team based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. We travel as needed throughout the Ohio River Valley region. Our members have performed investigations in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan and Illinois as well as Indiana. If you feel your home or business may be haunted contact us. Our goal is to help home and business owners understand strange happenings that may be in or around their property. We do not assume a place is haunted. Research is conducted of the area to help validate or dismiss paranormal claims. We come to reported paranormally active areas looking for nonparanormal possibilities. We look for logical explanations for anything we can, if we have a doubt about a peice of data then we won't use it. We stand firm on the aspect of addressing the paranormal in a respectful manner, we do not provoke or disrespect any spirits that may be in the area. All of our equipment has been purchased by our members out of our own pockets. We never charge for our time.  We operate off donations received.

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2017 Spook Show/CIL-Con Events
        Casper's Cruise Charleston IL May 20th 

S.I.G.H.T. Paranormal Past Media/Public Appearances:

If you would like us to come to your event contact Cindy Kreiner

2016 CIL-CON and related events. Matoon IL, and Indianapolis IN

2015 CIL-Con   Cross County Mall, Mattoon IL

NBC 24 Toledo, OH

Scarefest 7- Lexington IN

We were Nominated for the "Haunted Entertainment Awards" 2014
"Favorite Paranormal Team"

Paracon 2013- Indianapolis IN

Scarefest 6- Lexington KY

Old South Pittsburg Hospital- Live Ustream Webcast

Ed Tyll Show - 8/28/13

Lost Limbs Charity Convention - Monticello IN

Haunted Harvest Moon - Z Talk Radio

Parascience Journal - KGRA Radio

The Ed Tyll Show 2/21/13

Indianapolis Paranormal Investigations Examiner

WIBC 93.1 Indianapolis

The Ed Tyll Show

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